Sunday, February 12, 2012

christmas and 2012!!

christmas came and went, and january is kinda the most boring month of the year... so i really don't have much to write about today.. i had some friends over for dinner tonight and we had a blast!!! i love my friends!! i promised them i would update my blog, so here it is!! i quit my job about 5 months ago and my business is doing great!! its awesome!! i love being home and being my own boss!!! i never realized how much time i was waisting sitting around the salon before. i had slow times at the salon but they would never let me leave, so i would just sit there and look through magazines all day... what a waste of my life!!! now when im not busy, i get to do what ever i want!!! i almost feel like i have been released from prison!! lol!! and the best part is that i get to make money for myself, instead of for someone else!!! its great and i wish i had done it sooner!!! we are going to disney land next month and i cant wait!!!!!

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