Sunday, February 12, 2012

our cute friends at our house for dinner!!! i love my friends!!! we had a blast and ate yummy food!!! thanks for coming over guys! :)

my shampoo bowl and chair. i also have a tv on the wall. it comes in handy for doing kids cuts.... they get totally mesmerized!! lol
This is my salon! you cant see the whole effect in this one picture though... and this picture has bad lighting too... i also have a small couch on the other wall by the french doors. i just love it!!!!

this is me on christmas morning. alec got me some pretty diamond earrings! he also gave me that sweater!! i just love him!!

alecs dad passed away on saturday september 10, 2011. it was really hard for us...especially alec! he was an amazing person. even though he was already very sick when i met him, he was still always fun to be around. he was a great dad to his kids. we will miss him. i am sad that our kids wont get to know their grandpa casper. i like to think they are with him right now, just waiting to come down and join our family. alecs mom gave all of us this picture of him for christmas.