Sunday, September 4, 2011

swiss days weekend!!!!

we took pictures under water in the hot tub... the bubbles look so awesome!!

This one is my favorite!!! it turned out so clear!
For some reason dad was standing out by the river all by himself for about ten minutes.. we were inside laughing because he looks like he is pondering life... hilarious!!!!
For some reason every time we go camping in the trailer someone clogs the toilet. my poor dad has to try to unclog it!! sometimes it ends up all over his hands... so gross!!! haha!!!

We went up to swiss days cause my mom does a booth up there... she is very talented!!! i went up all day friday to help her. i had to come home and work saturday and then it was off to swiss days again last night to help take it all down. We are now camping in echo. we went swimming earlier and now were just being lazy and laying around... i want to go fishing cause there is a little creek right behind our fifth wheel.

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