Monday, January 25, 2010

We have a Blog????

My name is Morgan Casper. I am attempting to create a blog. I'm not sure how exciting it will be. i don't get on the internet very often. but, non the less.. here we go. My husbands name is Alec Casper. We met on a blind date in april of 2008. we were married in March 2009 in the Logan temple! I cant believe we have been married for almost a year already! This year has been a great one! We bought a house in September in layton, and Alec started school. He has a long road ahead, but we are hoping it will be worth it in the end! thats all for now. hopefully there will be more to write in the future!


  1. Cute blog Morgan! How did you make your pictures so huge? I am excited to read it!